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Recyclable Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

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With rising environmental awareness, brands are seeking packaging made from recyclable and eco friendly materials. Options like sustainable packaging companies deliver sustainability without compromising protection or presentation.

Molded Fiber

Molded fiber, also known as molded pulp, utilizes recycled paper, cardboard, bamboo and other natural plant fibers. It can be produced in virtually any shape or size. After use, molded fiber packaging biodegrades quickly and can be recycled into new pulp products.

Recycled Cardboard and Paper

Ordinary cardboard and paper gain new life when recycled into packaging. Folding cartons, corrugated boxes, inserts, and other paper products make excellent sustainable options.


Bagasse is the fibers left over after processing sugarcane stalks. Normally discarded as waste, bagasse can be molded into sturdy, lightweight, and fully compostable packaging and dinnerware.

Mushroom Packaging

Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, can be formed into protective cushions and inserts. It is completely biodegradable and grown using agricultural waste products.


One of the fastest-growing and renewable plants, bamboo can be processed into boards, molded fiber, and woven products for packaging. It decomposes readily without chemicals.


Bioplastics derived from cornstarch resin offer compostable alternatives to conventional oil-based plastics. They are often used for loose-fill packing peanuts, wrappers, and bags.

Recycled Cotton and Linen

Waste cotton rags, denim, and linen can be upcycled into recycled paper for cartons, inserts, and sustainable tissue paper for cushioning. Renewable fibers minimize environmental impact.

Beeswax Coatings

A natural coating made from beeswax can waterproof paper-based packaging while remaining compostable and non-toxic. It replaces polyethylene or other plastic moisture barriers.

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